Shape Expo Managment


SHAPE Ltd Expo Management| Creative Marketing has established a solid track record in the specialized publications sector, thus contributing to the information and scientific upgrade of dynamic a multitude of dynamic professional economic sectors.

The aim of this activity is to provide significant educational work and a specialized approach of towards issues and problems faced by thousands of professionals and to scientifically clarify and explain any answers provided. Also, we aspire to gather whole business, entrepreneurs, investors and consumers under one roof, but also under prestigious events and recognition.




The portal “INNOVATION” was created by a team of engineers and economists who, after many years of involvement with business (as business consultants, industrial engineers, researchers, etc), detected the lack of a technological portal to which business executives (managers, engineers, researchers, etc) could refer, in order to find specialised information about innovation and technology transfer.

This gap is attempted to be covered by the technological portal “INNOVATION” ( It is the only portal in Greece where such a great amount of information about innovation and technology transfer is gathered.

Hundreds of people seeking for specialised information in matters of innovation visit the portal “INNOVATION” daily.Technological news coming mainly from Greece and Europe daily. Scientific articles, books and studies that are offered by our readers are also presented and passed around free of charge.

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